Jun 15, 2009

Twikini - My favorite twitter windows mobile app

I'm UCHARI and...

I do have as you know a T-mobile Wing and with windows mobile 6.0

Since not long ago I did start using twikini... I did love it... i used other twitter account but none of them was good enough but twikini change my mind.

Easy to change themes... but I still like the windows default... :P serious enough...

If I use windows media player for mobile can post directly but I didn't try since it I don't listen to music.

This is the part that I like the most... add picture through twitpic...

and switching account... when I have more than ONE ACCOUNT... buahahahahha

What I like the most of this app is the RIGHT AND LEFT COMMANDS TO tweet or retweet and that the program is REALLLY REALLY FAST.